DSPS staff are available to answer questions or address concerns about accommodated testing:

· SLO Campus 546-3100 x.2485, Rm 3333

· NCC 591-6215, Rm N3121



Process for utilizing DSPS testing services

Campus test proctoring:

1. DSPS student picks up a DSPS test authorization form from the DSPS testing services office (accommodated testing must be authorized by a DSPS specialist).

2. DSPS student meets with their instructor (during the instructor's office hours preferably) to arrange date(s)/time(s) for the test/quiz to be proctored in DSPS:

  • Instructor signs the form, which indicates there is an agreement about when the test(s)/quiz(s) will be proctored in DSPS. One form may be used for multiple dates if there is a set test schedule for the class.
  • DSPS testing services office needs notification of any changes to this schedule.
  • Tests/quizzes will be proctored by DSPS staff on SLO campus M-Th 8:30am-5:00pm, F 8:30-3:00pm and on NCC M-Th 8:00am-4:30pm, F 9:00am-1:00pm.
  • Tests/quizzes will be administered according to authorized supplemental testing materials initialed on the test form by the instructor and the accommodations authorized by DSPS.

3. The DSPS student returns the completed/signed form to the DSPS testing services office, and DSPS schedules the student accordingly.

  • Test forms should be submitted by the student at least three days in advance of each test.

4. Instructor sends the test/quiz to the DSPS testing office at least one day in advance of scheduled test date:

  • Tests/quizzes can be e-mailed to alttest@cuesta.edu or hand delivered to the DSPS testing services office.
  • Please contact the DSPS testing services office for alternate test delivery arrangements.

5. Completed tests/quizzes are collected the following ways:

  • DSPS will return tests in a blue DSPS test envelope to the faculty mailbox on SLO campus by 5pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • All NCC tests will be delivered M-Th to faculty mailboxes.
  • Instructor or department assistant may pick up tests/quizzes from the SLO DSPS testing services office.

6. The DSPS testing areas have a multi-camera video surveillance system. This system and the outlined procedures are in place to ensure a high level of confidentiality and security for students taking tests in the DSPS testing office.

Distance learning testing accommodations:

1. For courses conducted entirely online:

  • The student may e-mail the DSPS testing services office and instructor about the testing accommodation request and/or use the test authorization form.
  • The DSPS testing services office will e-mail confirmation of the authorization of the testing accommodations to the instructor.
  • If the instructor needs assistance setting up the testing accommodation, please contact the DSPS Testing Services office.

2. For hybrid courses (testing done on campus):

  • The same procedure for DSPS campus test proctoring applies.