Counselors are master's degree prepared professionals who are trained to provide personal, academic, and career counseling services. Counseling appointments and information are offered in the following modalities:

Scheduled Appointments

Walk-in for brief questions

Hybrid Appointments (phone & email)

eAdvising: E-mail a Counselor your brief and general questions

Live Chat for brief questions

"Counselors are very helpful!"

Counselors can help you with:

  • Academic degree planning
  • Academic probation and dismissal concerns
  • Academic problems
  • Career planning and exploration
  • College placement tests
  • Community referrals
  • Course selection
  • Crisis intervention
  • Development of a Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Graduation requirements
  • Information about programs offered at Cuesta College
  • Schedule changes
  • Study Abroad options
  • Study and note-taking strategies
  • Strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Test anxiety & time management
  • Transfer planning (applying to other colleges, preparing for out of state transfer, etc.)


Student Learning Outcome:
As a result of the implementation of the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) requirements, students will meet the core components as measured by their participation in assessment, orientation completion, and the development of a Student Education Plan (SEP).


Please note revised Counseling Office hours on the following dates:


October 4-8: CLOSED

November 11: CLOSED

November 28-29: CLOSED

December 23- January 1: CLOSED