Grades are available four weeks after the last day of the term. 

Allow at least three to four months after official grades are posted for the term in which degree/certificate requirements were completed to receive final notification of degree or certificate status.

The Evaluations Office awards degrees and certificates in the following sequence at the end of the term:

1. ADT (A.A. for Transfer and A.S. for Transfer)*

2. A.A. Liberal Arts

3. A.A. and A.S. Designated Degrees

4. Certificates

5. Prior term applications 

*ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer) applications are subject to specific submission, evaluations, and notification deadlines.  Contact the Cuesta College Transfer Center for complete information regarding these degree programs.

Evaluator Contact Information:

A-G Becci Carter ext. 2169
H-N and U-Z Will Wooster ext. 2318
O-T Adrienne Smith ext. 2555