AB540 Nonresident Tuition Exemption
Academic Renewal: Previously recorded substandard academic work may be disregarded in the student's GPA.
Academic Standing: Academic and progress probation and dismissal policies.

FAQs:  Reinstatement from Dismissal

Adding Courses:  Policies and deadlines for adding courses.
Admissions:  Policies for college admission, including Allied Health Programs, and International (F1) student admissions.
Auditing a Course:  No credits or grades earned.  Available on space-available basis with required approvals.
Change of Information:

⇒ Mailing address/phone, Update Program/Major, Update Educational Goal
⇒ Change Name or Social Security Number
⇒ Change Education Level
⇒ Text messages opt-in

Course Repetition Policy

Family Courses

Credit by Examination
Credit Overload:  Approval to exceed maximum allowance of 19 credits for Spring/Fall or 9.0 for Summer Session
Degree Verification
Dropping Courses: Policies and deadlines for dropping courses for withdrawal, including military withdrawal, and refund.

Registration Fee Refund

Enrichment Student Program
Enrollment Verification
FERPA:  Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act for student records
Grading Policies:  Grade points, grade symbols, and GPA calculation

Grade Changes
⇒ Security of Grade Records
⇒ Withholding of Student Records

Maintenance Allowance for Nondistrict Students
Pass/No Pass Grading
Priority Registration

Residency Reclassification

Schedule Conflict:  Policy on enrolling in overlapping classes for a term.
Selective Service System:  Males between 18 and 26 register for Financial Aid eligibility
Scholastic Honors
Statement of Legal Residence
Student Rights - Judicial Process:

Academic Honesty Agreement
Authority of Instructor
⇒ Student Code of Conduct 
⇒ Student Complaint and Grievance Due Process
Student Computer Technology Access Agreement
Student Discipline