1. Where is the Student Health Center located?

To protect your privacy, our department is only accessible from an outside entrance.  We are in room 3150 of the 3100 building in SLO.  You will find signs that point to the entrance of our department outside of our building in the path between the performing arts building and the 3100 building. In North County we are in the new Campus Center, Building 1000 Room 1013 (only accessible from the outside).buildingshc

2. I am a Cuesta enrolled student and I have paid my student health fee. Does this mean I now have insurance?

The student health fee covers many services in our health services office including personal counseling and many medical services (check our services). The fee does not pay for insurance. We have information in the office about individual health and dental insurance that you can purchase for yourself.


3. What do I need to make an appointment?

If you are new to Student Health Services you will fill out some paperwork (Our intake forms are here), or you can come by to complete a new patient chart.  Once we have your completed forms, we will schedule your first appointment. If your chart is ready and it isn't your first time, just call or visit our office. We'll be here to help you. 


4. Will I have to pay for anything when I come for an appointment?

Students pay a nominal fee for lab testing, prescription medications and some testing. All fees are due at time of service (payable by check, cash or card). Appointments in the health center are free.


5. Will my teachers know that I have been seen at Student Health Services?

No, services at Student Health Services are confidential.


6. How many sessions can i take per semester?

If you are an enrolled student, you can see a nurse or clinician whenever you need to see them. There is no limit to the number of times that you can be seen, however we do not manage chronic health conditions. So, if your illness requires more than a couple visits to treat, we will refer you out for that condition. You can still be seen in the health center for other acute issues though. Our therapy sessions are limited to six sessions per semester.


7. What happens if I want or need more than six sessions of therapy? Can I pay for additional sessions?

If students need more than the six sessions, they are given community referrals that are appropriate for their needs. Since we do have long breaks in between semesters, it is often helpful for some students to have additional outside referrals to assist them.  We do not accept payment for our personal counseling services. The reason we limit it to 6 sessions per semester is not financial but rather an issue of accommodating all students who wish to utilize our services. If we offered unlimited sessions to all students, then we would not have space to serve as many students.


8. If I am an online student, can I come into the student health services for care?

Yes, any current student who pays the student health fee can access services. Our counseling sessions are done in person at both locations.


9. Do you offer dental services?

We do not offer dental services, but we will refer you to low-cost providers in the community or you can call 1-800-DENTIST for referrals.


10. Do you fill prescriptions for my current medications?

We do not refill your current medications from another provider. We prescribe and dispense medications for conditions that our clinicians diagnose in the Student Health Center.


11. Can I access birth control or STD testing at the Health Center?

Yes!  Sexual and Reproductive health care is free and confidential.  Cuesta Student Health Center partners with The Center CapSLO one day a week to provide these services on our campus for students.  However, we do offer limited services during our regular operating hours, such as pregnancy testing and emergency contraception or we will refer you to a local clinic for free services if we cannot provide what you need.  If you need help with sexual reproductive services, and we are not open, call (805) 544-2478 or visit The Center’s webpage.


12. Can I get a complete physical exam through Student Health Services? 

No, we do not provide complete physical exams.


 13. Can you help me manage my chronic medical problem (diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, etc.)?

We are not a primary care provider and do not manage chronic medical conditions. We will refer you to providers in the community who provide primary care.

14. Can I get an x-ray at the health center?

We do not provide x-rays at the health center. The registered nurse or clinician will refer you to a community clinic that provides x-rays if it is necessary.

Personnel Counseling


15. How many sessions can I have with a counselor?

Students are allowed up to six (6) sessions per semester and a student’s total amount of sessions is not to exceed 18 sessions. Exception: If a student, who has exceeded their maximum session allocation, is in crisis, they can be seen for a crisis intervention session leading to potential referral to the community. Students may also come in at any time seeking a community referral.


16.  How long are the sessions?

50 minutes.


17. Am I assigned to a specific counselor?

Yes, normally you are scheduled with a counselor who fits best with your schedule and if you are comfortable with this counselor you would have all your sessions with him or her.


18. Do I need to have something very serious happening in my life to see a counselor?

No, any student can talk to a counselor for any reason. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us or to get a different perspective on our life. Any issue no matter how small it may seem is worth talking to a counselor about.


19. What types of issues do counselors generally see at Cuesta?

We see everything you can imagine, but the most common issues are: stress, anxiety ( including test-anxiety), relationship issues, depression, grief and loss, alcohol/drug or other addiction concerns, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, low motivation, procrastination, loneliness and/or isolation, homesickness, financial concerns, sexual assault, sexual identity confusion and difficulty transitioning to being independent from one's family.


20. Is the information that I share with a counselor confidential?

Yes, everything that you share with your counselor is confidential with some state-mandated exceptions. These include: 1) reported current sexual, physical or emotional abuse to a minor, dependent adult or elder and 2) reported intent to harm oneself or someone else. Otherwise, all information shared is strictly confidential including the fact that you are seeing a counselor.


21. Does the fact that I am seeing a personal counselor go on my college records?

Absolutely not! All paperwork that is filled out in Student Health Services is kept locked in our confidential files and is not part of the students' records in the admissions office.


22. Can I bring a friend or family member to counseling with me?

Yes! If one of you is a currently registered student at Cuesta, you can bring a friend, roommate, child, significant other or family member to counseling with you.


23. What happens if I want or need more than the six sessions offered to me each semester?

If students need more than the six sessions, they are given community referrals that are appropriate for their needs. Many students, however, choose to spread out their sessions and come back each semester. Since we do have long breaks in between semesters, it is often helpful for some students to have additional outside referrals to assist them.


24. Do you provide on-line counseling?

No, our sessions are either in person or can sometimes be done on the phone, but we do not provide on-line counseling. We do, however, have a lot of information on our website about many personal counseling issues as well as relevant links that you may find helpful.


25. Do I have to schedule six sessions? What if I only want to come one time to get some feedback on something?

Of course not. You are eligible with your student health fee for six sessions per semester, but that does not mean that if you come in you must be seen five more times that semester. Sometimes one session can be just what you needed to get clarity on an issue. It is up to you whether you would like to reschedule.


26. In case of an emergency, how do I get a hold of my counselor?

If you are experiencing an emergency during the hours that Student Health Services is open, (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 8:30am-4:30pm, Tuesdays 8:30-6PM and Fridays, 9am-1pm) please call us at 805-546-3171 and let us know that you would like to get a message to your counselor or to see whoever is available for a crisis appointment that day (your counselor may not be available but another counselor will be able to help you or refer you to an appropriate community agency). If you are experiencing an emergency outside of our normal business hours you can call 911 or the 24-hour community crisis line at 1 (800) 783-0607.


27. How do I get a hold of my counselor in between semesters? 

Our counselors are only available during each semester and when they are on campus during their scheduled hours. Counselors will give you community referrals if you would like counseling or support in between semesters. You can visit our webpage for community referrals.