Students will be held financially responsible for fees related to classes not dropped within the refund deadlines. Refer to the Student Financial Responsibility statement for more information.

How to receive a refund:

Step 1 - Drop class online through your myCuesta or at a Registration Center within the refund drop deadline, see your myCuesta Class Schedule/Receipt for each class(es) specific deadline to drop with a refund date.

To receive a full refund or to cancel eligible unpaid fees for full term courses , course(s) must be OFFICIALLY dropped no later than the Sunday before the term begins.

Specific course drop deadlines for full and short-term courses, can also be found through the Student Planning Calendar and online in the Class Finder by selecting the class CRN link.

Step 2 - Check your student account through your myCuesta Web Services to confirm a credit (negative $) balance is available for refund. If you have a credit balance and you would like it to be refunded, then read, complete and submit a Refund Request form (see forms below).

Credit balances for dropped classes can be refunded or used toward future charges. Credit balances will remain on the student's account until a refund request is submitted. A $10 refund processing fee will be assessed for requested refunds which include Enrollment Fees ($46 per unit fee). Exceptions to the processing fee are those classes cancelled by the College.

Step 3 - All refunds are processed by way of a BankMobile Refund Preference. For information on how to get your money through BankMobile, go to:

How To Get Your Money or call BankMobile Customer Service at 1-877-732-0436

Refund Request Forms:

Fall/Spring Dropped Class Refund Request form

Summer Dropped Class Refund Request form

Class Cancelled by Cuesta Refund Request form