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Career Connections works with local employers with the goal of providing Cuesta College students work experience in as number of capacities (e.g., paid, unpaid, for college credit, etc.) that include:

  • Cuesta Job Postings:

    • Browse hundreds of local and nationwide opportunities from reputable employers.

    • Streamline your search by applying filters based on your preferred Industry, Job Function, and more.

    • Create custom Job Search Agents so you'll be notified each time a new job that meets your interests is posted.

    • Stay organized - view your application history at any time.

    • Apply to postings in minutes using your stored resumes, cover letters and additional documents!

    • Cuesta is working with employers to develop short-term work expereince opportunities, some paid, some unpaid.

    • Attend our "Benefits of Internships" Workshop (co-hosted with Cuesta College Counseling Department):Internships & Volunteering Opportunities:Benefits of Internships fall
  • Cooperative Work Experience (CWE):

    • Cuesta works with employers to provide teh student college credit while they either work (for pay), intern or volunteer. Course headings include WEXP 251L and 252L.

  • Career Exploration:

    • Included are our favorite and most used career exploration websites. Topics include career outlooks, salaries, required experience, etc.

  • Federal Work Study:

    • Some students qualify for additional work study placement. Included are the contacts to find out more.

  • Job Fair:

    • Cuesta College provides an annual job fair each Spring. Please inquire to find out more.