Career Connections is a bridge linking
students to businesses and
businesses to students.

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 Profession group of men and women

Promote closer ties between your organization,
the college, and the community-
offer an Internship Program!

 Career Connections is dedicated to assist your business with designing an Internship program that is built around your current needs!

We are committed to finding a student that matches your business needs!


  • Training in an educational environment
  • Integrate ambitious students into your organization through a structure, centralized process
  • Recruit, train and evaluate further employees
  • Expose students to existing organizational practices and procedures
  • Test-drive the talent

 Designed to offer students the opportunity to earn credit for learning experiences identified in their job. With the collaboration of students, instructors, and worksite supervisor, the student will learn new skills and/or knowledge about his /her job and improve work performance. Worksite supervisor will be required to participate in a brief Job Site Visit, complete a student evaluation and verify hours worked by signing a time sheet.

  • Division Based: A supervised work experience involving efforts of educators and employers to accomplish career objectives in a designated major/specific industry.
  • Occupational Work Experience:The work experience must be related to the student’s educational or career goals.
  • General Work Experience: The work experience does not need to be related to the student’s educational or career goals.

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