We're pleased that you've chosen Cuesta College to continue your academic and athletic careers. At Cuesta, we take pride in all our athletic teams and realize the commitment and effort it takes by you, the student-athlete, to succeed. A part of our contribution to your success is in providing what we feel is the best staff and facilities in the state. We're sincere in our efforts. We're here to help you PASS.

What is PASS?

PASS stands for the Program Assisting Student-Athlete Success. It is a volunteer committee of Cuesta faculty and staff members who have an interest in you, not only as a student-athlete, but also as a person.
This program is designed to assist you in all areas, academic, athletic, and personal areas of student life while attending Cuesta College.
We realize that college can be difficult, and even more so for the student-athlete. That's where the PASS committee comes in. We want to assist you in achieving success.  

Grade Check Form (PDF)