Cuesta College’s superintendent/president works with a thirteen-member cabinet to facilitate the mission of the San Luis Obispo County Community College District.

Dr. Jill Stearns, Superintendent/President

Mr. Daniel Troy, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Administrative Services

Dr. Deborah Wulff,  Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Mark Sanchez, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services & College Centers

Ms. Melissa Richerson, Vice President, Human Resources & Labor Relations

Ms. Shannon Hill, Executive Director, Advancement/Foundation

Mr. Keith Stearns, Executive Director, Information Systems & Technology

Ms. Madeline Medeiros, Dean, Academic Affairs, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Jason Curtis, Dean, Academic Affairs, Sciences & Mathematics

Dr. John Cascamo, Dean, Academic Affairs, Workforce & Economic Development

Ms. Catherine Riedstra, Dean, Student Services

Dr. Maria Escobedo, Dean, North County Campus & South County Center

Dr. Ryan Cartnal, Dean, Institutional Research, Library & Instructional Technology


Organizational Chart (PDF)

Academic Affairs
Organizational Chart (PDF)

Administrative Services
Organizational Chart (PDF)

Student Services
Organizational Chart (PDF)


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